Ladies & Gents Bespoke Suits

The Village Tailors bespoke experience

The journey to your perfect garment

Step 1

First meeting

Head to our store in Hawarden where you can meet our team of specialists to discuss your ideas.

The Details

The details

We'll find out what the garment is for, and consider your build as we help you choose the right fabric colour and design from our thousands of samples.

Step 3

Making it unique

The next step is to take extensive measurements and photographs to note your shape, proportions, and figuration. We then make a pattern that's unique to you - unlike a ready made garment.

Step 4

First try on

We then use your pattern to produce a draft suit, which we use to check the fit. After that we will recut your garment with any alterations added and make it to the next stage.

Second try on

Second try on

At the next fitting you will try on your garment complete with shoes and any other elements so we can see the fit, which will allow final adjustments before we add details such as buttons and buttonholes.


The final visit will be to collect your completed bespoke garment, made to complement your shape perfectly. With the correct care it will last you many years and will continue to look as good as the day you collected it.

More than suits and dresses…

We can make almost any piece of bespoke clothing, just get in touch and share your ideas. If you want something even more personal, we can offer custom print fabric that comes decorated with your favourite photographs!