Bespoke suits

The Village Tailors has created quality bespoke hand crafted garments in our own workshops in North Wales for over 50 years. Tailoring skills have being passed down through the generations of this family business.

Having a bespoke suit made is a unique experience and whether its for work, a wedding, birthday or simply because you want to look your best, it will give you years of pleasure and is second to none when it comes to comfort, style and longevity.

No two individuals are the same so we will sculpture your suit to fit your unique shape. Unlike off-the-peg suits we will take into account the way you stand and will help you choose the right cloth and styling to suit your body shape, whether you are tall or short, slim or have a fuller figure.

What to expect

Village Tailors workshop for bespoke suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and coats Village Tailors cloth samples for bespoke suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and coats

1 Our tailor will visit you for the first meeting at your home or office

or alternatively you can come to our  shop in Hawarden.

We will talk with you about what your suit is for and consider your size and shape before we help you choose the right cloth colour and design from our thousands of samples. As as example, large checks do not suit short people as they make them look shorter, whereas narrow stripes give the illusion you are slimmer and taller.
Measuring for bespoke suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and coats Trying on a bespoke suit
The next step is to take extensive measurements. However measurements alone don’t tell the whole story, we use pictures as well to remind us of your shape, proportion and figuration (the way you stand) so we can construct a pattern that is unique to you. It’s what differentiates a bespoke suit from one you can buy off the peg. We then use your pattern to produce a try-on suit, which we use to check the fit, after which we will recut your suit with any alterations added and make it to the next stage.
Nearly completed bespoke suit Completed bespoke jacket
At the next fitting you will try on your suit with a shirt, tie and shoes so we can see the fit, which will allow final adjustments before we add buttons and buttonholes. The final visit will be to collect your completed bespoke suit, made to complement your shape perfectly. With the correct care it will last you many years and will continue to look as good as the day you collected it.

Why not also think about letting us help you choose a bespoke shirt and tie to compliment your new suit, book an appointment with us now to obtain a no obligation quote.